Uncovering The Voice

The Experience of Free Voice

= New Book =

As Man Sings

by Giora Rafaeli

This book was originlly published in Hebrew. It has recently been published in an excellent English translation (see below) and is now available to the English-speaking public through Amazon and other channels.
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Toward Uncovering Musical Sound
Spiritual Aspects of Music-Making

by Giora Rafaeli

This is Giora Rafaeli's book "Toward Uncovering Musical Sound – Spiritual Aspects of Music-Making" (published in Hebrew (in 2000) as well as in German under the title "Auf der Suche nach einer Befreiung des Klanges", and translated into English but as yet unpublished). This book describes the connection between uncovering the voice and playing woodwind or brass instruments.

Uncovering the Voice
by Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström

Translated into Hebrew by Sarah Rafaeli