Uncovering The Voice

The Experience of Free Voice

As Man Sings

On the Experience of Free Voice

Book by Giora Rafaeli - Newly translated into English

Every man experiences the longing to sing, to enable his soul to flow into the world 'on the wings of song'.
What are those shackles that prevent us from singing freely? Is singing a privilege reserved only to those who 'have a beautiful voice', or is it a basic need that lives in every human being? Can a person who has 'lost his voice' find it again? What is the force living within music, that can breathe life into a row of tones and turn them into a meaningful expression? Can a person discover this force within himself, and express himself creatively through it?

The author of this book, Giora Rafaeli, a musician and teacher of the path of 'Uncovering the Voice', attempts to answer these questions out of his own research based on his personal living experience and many years' search after music's hidden secrets.
He is convinced of what he believes in, and from his own experience, knows that every person can unveil those secrets and bring them into expression through his or her own singing voice.
Connecting to music's sound flow and inner message, awakens and enhances spiritual development that has implications for a person's life as a whole.

This book is a description of the author's musical education journey, that began in his youth and never ends
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